Success Story: How Affiliate Marketing changed the life of a Young Boy in the rural part of Nigeria

I grew up in the rural parts of  Ebonyi state, Nigeria.

I had no access to electricity for almost 10 years..

When I finally had the resources, mostly an internet connection and electricity at my dispensation.

I toiled day and night trying to wrap my head on how I could make an income online 

I had no one to guide me,

No one to tell me, DO THIS,DONT DO THAT.

It was just me ,my Tecno M3 and 2000 naira that I used to start at that time.

That was how I started.

A lot of people would think that I had it all figured out at first…

But that’s not the case, I was once like you!

I am proof that, you can be anything that you want to be if you set your mind to it..

I didn’t let the frustrations of my past, define my future..

And you can too!

I know

  •  You paid gurus who promised heaven and earth but you came out with nothing in the end 
  • You’ve tried all types of businesses and have failed.
  • You don’t even know where to begin in the online space but you have the desire to.

I understand how you feel and I’ve been there

I failed at 13 businesses !


 But I discovered a business model that works best for me and I have helped over 1341+ people imitate this model and make money online .

It’s not always easy at first, but consistency is key.

My workspace then and my workspace now

Before I started my tech companies ,I had tried my hand on various businesses.

I’ve spent 8 years+ in the online business space.

In the year 2014,I helped the major players in the Ecommerce business industry pull in massive figures.

From 2017-2019, I engaged myself by building an income online mostly in E-commerce & Information marketing.

In the year 2020,I started my own E commerce agency, which taught and helped people pull in massive figures from their own E commerce businesses.

In the same year, I founded the Funnelhackers club, which majored in helping business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe master the art of selling out their products and  services and also to increase their revenue using the programs, tools, software and services that I made available at the club.

The services I made available at the club include;

  • Sales funnel development 
  • Paid and organic advertisement 
  • Copywriting and content creation 
  • Video and graphics creatives

For over two years and counting ,Funnel hackers club has recorded over 500+ happy clients.

In 2021,I launched Blockchain Hub Africa whose vision is to build Africa’s block chain ecosystem, through solutions and infrastructure. I organized seminars which teaches youths how to make money in the crypto and forex industry. I got to work with the likes of;

  •  Chris Ani (The CEO of Daba School)
  • GT Igwe Chrisent (CEO of Truzact & Crowdfacture)
  • Deborah Ojengbede (CEO of Afen blockchain)

…during the most recent Blockchain hub seminar(Block chaintech’22) 

On the 25th of June, I cofounded one of the biggest online affiliate platform in Africa, Stakecut. Stakecut has recorded over 66000+ affiliate partners from different African countries, and has over 90 available products for affiliate marketers to promote and sell to major African countries. Stakecut is an online affiliate platform which aims to extend beyond African borders ,providing affiliates the opportunity to earn in dollars and also to list their E-commerce or digital products and services on its platform. The affiliate platform also helps course creators & a few business owners sell their products online.

The main essence of this story is to buttress the fact that ,success doesn’t happen overnight.

Success is a combination of failures ,time & sleepless nights.

Whether you like it or not you must pay a price, you must be ready to leave your comfort zone if you know that you want good results.

Well, for me success was mostly a combination of failures and sleepless nights.

Mostly because I had no one to guide me.

The truth of the matter is that you don’t need to pass through all the hassles that I passed through, before you can fully establish yourself and be successful in the online business space.

That’s where mentoring and modelling comes in.

This is the process whereby you pay someone to mentor you who has experience and has walked the same steps that you plan on walking, so that you avoid making costly mistakes that can cost you your time, money and energy.


Modelling someone, who has achieved the results you want to achieve by learning from their mistakes.

These are cheat codes and short cuts to success ,there are mistakes that you would avoid making when you have people who guide and show you the way.

I struggled so much in the beginning when I started out, so I know this for a fact.

So, I took it upon myself to show young people like myself who want to venture into the same  online business like me the path they should follow.

This is something that I wished that I had while starting out….

I’ve been able to help over 1341+ people make their first 100 dollars online through a particular business model that I discovered.


Before I tell you what affiliate marketing is, I would  like to tell you what it is not..

  • A get rick quick scheme

If you come into affiliate marketing with a get rich quick mindset ,I am sorry but you will be disappointed.

  • A skill

Affiliate marketing is not a skill, its business model. Most people think its a skill to be learnt ,but it is a business model to imitate..



Affiliate marketing is a business model in which you’re able to earn without owning any product of your own, all you have to do is promote other people’s product for a commission(affiliate earnings)

Products that you can promote include;

  • Digital products (Online products)
  • Physical products


  • An affiliate platform
  • Sales funnel
  • A traffic source
  • A positive mindset 

If you missed the last blog posts on affiliate marketing, 6 things you need to know before you start affiliate marketing and how to start your affiliate marketing journey, you can read them up.

As simple as it sounds ,the process to obtaining good results in your affiliate marketing journey is not always easy…

From  running ads, to crafting your sales funnels, to writing your ad creatives, to nurturing those leads(prospective customer).

This can be a little bit overwhelming. especially when you’re  starting out.

That is why I have decided to guide you each and every step of the way..

I’ve introduced a  done for you system, which has helped people like yourself with know prior knowledge about affiliate marketing make their first 1000 dollars online through the use of my affiliate platform Stakecut and the done for you system that I created.

Here’s what Nedu Chris had to say..

Samson Okolie, took my advice and guidiance and made $39 on Stakecut.

Roseline, understood the assignment..


Chinedu made $111 dollars on Stakecut, from following my teachings alone.

Abdullahi  Usman,  reaped the fruits of the sacrifices he made.


You don’t need to stress yourself thinking on how to navigate the affiliate marketing industry.. 

I’ve already gone through that stress for you!


If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.”

– J Loren Norris

To know more about what my done for you system entails and  to join the league of top earning affiliate marketers, click here.


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