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The Complete Done-for-you Sales System

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Copywriter, Sales Page Designer, & Graphics designer

by just copying and pasting winning templates.

No Advanced Technical Expertise Required Whatsoever...

Start Selling In The Next 10 Minutes  And See Results

 In 24-48 Hours...Or Less!

Save Over $600 (N300k)


The same sales team that generated over

N100,500,000 ($200k)

in sales revenue

Sales Experts. Tested. Trusted. With Results

Dear eCommerce business owner,

Right now you are likely facing these problems in your business.

  1. 1
    How to Design a Fully Automated Sales Page that will pull in Massive sales for you Fast.
  2. 2
    How to write your own ad copy that won't get you banned, or give you Zero or Low leads & Sales. But One that will pull in leads for you 
  3. 3
    How to close sales on WhatsApp, over the Phone, or Direct Response Closing

Well, in the next few minutes, and for the first time ever you will finally be able to build a high converting sales process for your products all by yourself…

…using the complete done for you sales system created by the same expert hands that generated N8,900,000 in sales revenue in just 1 months.

The same brains that pulled

in these results are giving 

you a complete and well designed

done-for-you sales system that consists of:

  1. 1
    3 High converting Sales copy for you bridge & landing pages
  2. 2
    3 High Converting Sales page design template (Bridge page, Lead & Direct sale Pages)
  3. 3
     5 High Converting Graphics design templates
  4. 4
    2 Super converting Cart Abandonment copy
  5. 5
    2 High converting Facebook ads Copy
  6. 6
    2 product description template

So you just have to copy, fill in the blank spaces, and paste…

And voila, you have a cash vomiting sales process up and running…

And remember that you can be able to do all that without

  1. 1
    Spending a huge amount of money on expensive freelancers
  2. 2
    Waiting for a long period of time for your job to get done. In fact with this system, your sales process can be ready in as little as 10 minutes.

The open secret of the Big 

ecommerce players

Do you wonder why no matter what you do, you can never get close to the type of results the big players in the industry have?

Well, the secret to those crazy results you see every day is open but you have not paid any attention to it.

It all lies in their sales process. So while you struggle with customers on WhatsApp, they play the big game by setting up a sales process that runs on autopilot, and here's how they go about it.

First, they pick one product they will promote.

Then they set up a well-designed and high-converting sales page on their website with a high converting sales copy, ads copy, emails, and good designs to sell the product…and in no time, sales begin pouring in like magic. 

And if you must get the type of sales you wish for, then you must have these things in place.

But is it that easy?

 This is why you will never play big

Though setting up a working sales process might sound easy,

a lot of businesses who know this have not been able to

achieve this because of the high cost of setting everything up.

  • A well-designed sales page costs between 100k-150k

  • A high converting sales copy that will persuade prospects to buy costs between 150k-200k 

  • Ads copy and follow up emails cost between 20k-30k

  • Good designs to sell your products Cost between 10k-20k

Sum total: N350,000( $584) 

That means you could spend a whopping sum of 

N350k ($584)

to just set up a converting sales process 

when you haven't even made your first sales

As an eCommerce business owner.

And you are so wrong if you think you can do without these things because even if you might be lucky with making a few sales here and there…

it will not be consistent and it will be with a lot of struggle.But maybe you are thinking…

“ I can write a decent sales copy and design the sales page myself”

Well, lucky you if you can do that. But what happens on those horrifying days when you sit in front of your laptop with a blank page and nothing comes through.

No ideas, no inspiration, nothing… just a blank space and a blank head.

I’m sure that on those days, a little inspiration would be appreciated and that is why the…

Complete eCommerce done-for-you sales system was created for you.

With this system, you do not have to spend a fortune in setting up a working sales process on autopilot…

You do not have to struggle with annoying freelancers who may not be able to give you what you want or wait a long time for your work to get delivered to you.


You do not have to suffer from writer's block anymore.


With this complete  DFY system, you are in total control.


No extra cost, no more technical work for you, no more time wasting... just plug and play, then cash out.


And the best part?


These templates will be updated for you time after time and you do not have to make any other payments.


You get to use this system to sell for as long as you want.


Now I know you are wondering how much you will invest in having this cash vomiting done-for-you sales system. In a minute I will be showing you and you will think I have lost my mind but first…


Here’s everything you get when you acquire the complete eCommerce DFY system today:


  • 3 high converting sales page copy
  • 2 product description template
  • 3 cart abandonment email template
  • 2 facebook ad template
  • 3 beautifully designed high converting sales pages
  • 5 high converting graphics design


+ A compilation of expert sales closing video


And that is not all.

When you acquire the complete eCommerce done-for-you sales system, you get access to:


  • A support community where you will network with other entrepreneurs like you, get to ask questions, and get help whenever you need help.  


  • Free sales training on sales and marketing.


Now normally, considering the fact that this is way more than what you will get if you were to pay N350,000 ($584) to freelancers to build a working sales process for you…


It will be easy to price this at N500,000. But even at that, it will still be at a huge discount price. 


But for you who will be fast enough to have this complete sales system in your possession today, you won't be paying anything close to that amount.


You won't even be paying N150,000 or N100,000 



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Top Marketers 

Validated our work & Results

Hey fellow Marketer

Joshua  Here

It’s hard to believe that some years back...I was struggling like most people online

I had no Source of income to my name and I had to spend sleepless nights just to understand how to sell online.
It was never an easy moment for me, got frustrated over and over with no one to help me figure it all out.

I struggled, spent the little money I had runing ads but failed badly.

However, since I started with that N2,000 & a Tecno M3... I’ve never looked back.

Fast forward to today I've built my
business that have generated millions in Sales.

You Might be Familiar with A Few...

Funnelhackers Club -Members done over $500,000 (N250,000,000)

Sale Degree School - Produces Sales Expert in a 4 months program

Blockchain Hub Africa  - Smahed $1M pool of Funding from Google  etc.

Stakecut  -
Building an ultra modern Sales Distribution Solution 

Well, this is not to brag...

I just want to show you that I know this game and I've successfully pulled in Massive results for myself and my clients.


If I have done it, you too can do it and pull in the same or even more results by just plugging into the work I and my team have done for you already.


With this DFY sales system, you will never struggle with setting up a sales process that will give you the results you desire.


And it's simple. All you need to do is…


The 10x E-com DFY Sales System

All You Need to Start Selling in 10 Minutes

With Just 5 Simple Steps

Step #1

Choose A Sales Copy to use

We have compiled 3 High Converting Sales Copy for you to pick from...

and we will be adding more for you to pick from.

Step #2

Choose A Sales Page Design

We have compiled  High Converting Sales Page design with a Copy.

Just Upload to your site and edit all you want. Then Publish

and we will be adding more for you...

Step #3

Choose An Ads Copy

Pick an Ads copy and Place on your Ads manager

and we will be adding more for you...

Step #4

Choose A Graphics Design

We have compiled  High Converting Graphics Designs for you to pick from

and we will be adding more for you...

Step #5

Launch & Cash out Big

All you need to do is to launch your Sales funnel and Cash-out Big

and we will be waiting to celebrate with you...

Step #6

All you need to do is to launch your Sales funnel and Cash-out Big

and we will be waiting to celebrate with you...


Watch the Sales Closing Video

Use our expert Strategy and close more sales Fast like a Pro.

and we will add more for you.

Sounds Simple & Easy?

We made it that way just for you...

Everything You Need to Make your Next $2,000-$10,000 Sales on Autopilot

In your E-commerce

  • 3 High Converting Sales Copies ( and we will be adding more) 
  • 2 product description template
  • 2 High Converting Facebook Ads Copies ( and we will be adding more) 
  • 3 cart abandonment email template
  • 5 High Converting Graphics Design ( and we will be adding more)
  • 2 beautifully designed high converting Sales pages 
  • Free Sales trainings on Sales & Marketing...

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