Promote The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program &
High converting Done-for-you Sales System + Mentorship

Earn Massive Commission + Stand A chance to Win An Iphone, Laptop, Car, Travel VISA, promoting this Powerful solution to your Audience.

Make atleast 50 Sales & Stand a chance to Win any of this Gift within 80Days

if you can sell at least 50 sales of this program between

5th November, 2022  - 23rd January 2023

You will Win any of the following.

How to Start Promoting

1. Create a FREE account on stakecut.com,
2. Search for "Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program
3. Start promoting...
4. Be sure you're following Joshua Mba on Twitter . CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW HIM

50 Sales 

Price: N100,000 ($166)

85 Sales 

Price: N250,000 ($416)

150 Sales 

Price: N500,000 ($830)

Iphone 11 Pro Max

250 Sales 

Price: All expense paid
trip to Rwanda

2500 Sales 

Price: All expense paid
trip to Maldive, A Macbook Laptop, Iphone and Cash Price for Shopping

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What to Know about the Product

This Sales System Comes with:

  • A complete Introduction to affiliate Marketing
  • A complete tour of my Platform, Stakecut
  • A complete training on the 5 Step Framework Top affiliates across the world use to Make $$$
  • A complete training on How to run Facebook Ads
  • A complete training on Lead funnels
  • A complete  training on Webinar Funnels
  • A complete library of my Sales Script templates I use to create my sales script
  • A Library of my Sales page designs that you can install and use
  • A training on Whatsapp Marketing record with my Friend
  • Access to my $2,000 in 30days Affiliate Marketing Challenge Script
  • Organic Traffic
  • Video Marketing
  • Top Affiliate Interview Session
  • High Converting Sales Page Designs 
  • High Converting Sales Copies for different Sales processes
  • High Converting Ads copies you can plugin, 
  • High Converting Graphics Design on Canva you can re-edit and use to your taste
  •  Sales Closing Training for Affiliate Marketers
  • Live Zoom Session with Joshua Mba  for Sales Strategies

Promote The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program &
High converting Done-for-you Sales System + Mentorship


Promotional Graphics

Webinar Ads Creative

Webinar creative

Banner Ads Creative

Promotional Video

Ads Video

FaceBook ads Video for Webinar Funnel

FaceBook ads Video for Webinar Funnel(SQUARE)

Main Webinar Video

Link to the video: https://youtu.be/j1T9UieElk0

Testimonial Videos

Hello Ninja Affiliate Marketer

Joshua  Here

It’s hard to believe that some years back...I was struggling like most people online

I had no Source of income to my name and I had to spend sleepless nights just to understand how to sell online.
It was never an easy moment for me, got frustrated over and over with no one to help me figure it all out.

I struggled, spent the little money I had running ads but failed badly.

However, since I started with that N2,000 & a Tecno M3... I’ve never looked back.

Fast forward to today I've built my
business that have generated millions in Sales.

You Might be Familiar with A Few...

Funnelhackers Club -Members done over $500,000 (N250,000,000)

Sale Degree School - Produces Sales Expert in a 4 months program

Blockchain Hub Africa  - Smahed $1M pool of Funding from Google  etc.

Stakecut  -  Building an ultra modern Sales Distribution Solution

Well, this is not to brag...

I just want to show you that I know this game and I've successfully pulled in Massive results for myself  and clients.

If I have done it, you too can do it and pull in same or even more result by taking my own products, My high converting Funnel and generate Multiple commission for yourself.